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circuit board e waste
Welcome to
E-Waste Alnor Industries.

Computer Recycling and E Waste in Mississauga

Do you have any computer recycling needs in Mississauga and the surrounding areas? Looking for a place that provides circuit board recycling?
We can help you get rid of this e waste in Mississauga!

The Ontario government remains on the forefront of battling e waste in Mississauga, alongside the rest of Ontario, Canada, and with their help, Alnor Industries is now offering an easy method of circuit board recycling and computer recycling in Mississauga.

If you are a home owner who is looking for computer recycling in Mississauga or a large company looking to dispose of your e waste in Mississauga or the surrounding areas, we can accommodate you.

Alnor Industries can put an end to this by simplifying computer recycling in Mississauga for you.

We offer the option of picking up your old electronics or computer recycling in Mississauga from your office location to maximize convenience for you, while still ensuring that you play a part in keeping Ontario green. Any e waste in Mississauga that you may have, whether you need cell phones or circuit board recycling, we will dispose of in a manner approved by OES standards.

Extending the life of slightly outdated equipment through recycling also reduces the overall environmental impact. We can offer you hassle-free computer recycling in Mississauga, to keep your electronics from needlessly ending up in a landfill.

Alnor Industries can provide you with multiple options for disposing e waste in Mississauga:

  • Free pick-up service, depending on your location and the amount of electronic waste to be recycled.
  • Rebates offered for the material, depending on its re-sale value.